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2:00 pm


Bichitra’s Bahurupi Group Presents tramedy (tragedy + comedy) drama

Jeebonto Statue (The Living Statue)

Image 3 CMM.jpg

Insurance inspector Paritosh has been misappropriating funds intended for insurance premiums from customers of his agents for his personal use as his struggles with personal finances as well as his poor performance in fulfilling his minimum required quota of selling life insurance policies continue. 


His manager Mr. Chowdhury threatens to fire Paritosh if he fails to fulfill his quota within a month.

A very desperate Paritosh visits a popular hotel bar in search of prospective clients. After failing to entice two patrons to buy insurance he gets an unbelievable once-in-a-lifetime break when he convinces Raghu Ram Daku to buy 2-crore rupees worth of life insurance policy to benefit his 20 wives scattered all over the country. Raghu Ram pays cash on the spot as premium Paritosh does not realize that Raghu Ram is a notorious bank robber for whose head a reward of 2 lac rupees has been declared. 


When Mr. Chowdhury finds out about Raghu Ram and the reward from news reports he directs Paritosh to do everything he can to keep Raghu Ram alive so insurance company will not have to pay the huge amount which would, most probably, trigger firing of both of them. So Paritosh faces the ultimate challenge of his life – saving another life to save his job and livelihood.


In the meantime, Paritosh’s son Ramen has been trying to win the heart of Dolly, daughter of police inspector Ardhendu who is planning to kill Raghu Ram to collect the reward money. 


See the drama as it unfolds how Paritosh tries to use his son’s relationship with Ardhendu’s family and his own tricks to prevent Ardhendu from killing Raghu Ram. Does he succeed!!!!

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4:30 pm

 Akshara (Sreyasi De and Team) presents


Dance Program based on 'Agomonee' theme

Durga_Agomoni Program.jpg

Durge Durgotinashini

Akshara presents Durge Durgotinashini as an agomoni for the mother Goddess in a choreographed format with three basic classical styles of Odissi, Bharatnatyam and Mohiniattam performed by Sreyashi Dey, Kohal Das and Priyadarshini Ghosh respectively. This production will be presented with some powerful classical dance pieces in praise of mother Goddess and her consort Shiva, juxtaposed with popular Bengali agomoni songs choreographed in the three styles.

About the Artists:

Sreyashi Dey


Sreyashi Dey is one of the foremost exponents of Odissi in the US, and the Founder and Artistic Director of two arts organizations - Srishti Dances of India and Akshara. She is a disciple of Guru Gangadhar Pradhan. Previously also an exponent of Bharatanayam and a disciple of Guru Saroja Vaidyanathan. As a thoughtful artist, she constantly expands her creative horizons with new choreographies and collaborations across artistic genres. She regularly tours the US and has performed all over the world - in Europe, Asia and India. Her work has been critically acclaimed by well-known critics in leading newspapers and magazines in the US, such as the New York Times, as well as India. She has been the recipient of several awards, notably the Harry Schwalb Excellence in the Arts, and grants from the National Endowment for the Arts and several premier foundations in the US. Sreyashi was instrumental in founding two arts festivals – the annual multi-arts Rasa Festival in Ann Arbor, and the annual KathaAngika classical dance and theater festival in Kolkata, India. Sreyashi’s educational background includes an MS in Economics and an MBA, with parallel careers in marketing, University of Michigan administration and non-profit.

Kohal Das


Kohal Das, son of Shri Chira Ranjan Das and Smt. Minakshi Das, is a biologist by profession. Dance is his passion alongside science. Kohal started learning Bharathanatyam under eminent dancers Shri Parshwanth Upadhye and Smt. Shruti Upadhye. As a part of Upadhye School of Dance, he has performed in prestigious events, completing his Bharathanatya Rangapravesha in Feb 2017. Kohal also obtained training in Odissi from Rina Jana in Kolkata and continued advanced training under Smt. Madhulita Mohapatra at Nrityantar, Bengaluru. As a part of Nrityantar, Kohal has performed in many festivals. Kohal believes in creativity and innovation which is central to science and dance. Further, he wants to pursue a scientific career which could accommodate his passion (dance) enabling him to contribute to the Indian Heritage.

Priyadarshini Ghosh


Priyadarshini Ghosh is an accomplished Indian classical and contemporary dancer, choreographer, and a dance scholar. Trained in both Bharatha Natyam and Mohini Attam, with specialization in Mohini Attam, she has also trained in Seraikella Chhau and is proficient in Yoga. Priyadarshini holds an M.A. in Dance and has completed a Senior Fellowship on Dance as Yoga under the Ministry of Culture, India. She has received the Nehru Fulbright Fellowship 2015-16, teaching at Brown University, Theatre Arts and Performance Studies as a visiting faculty. Currently she is researching the mindful and contemplative aspects of performance, a system of Yoga, evaluating Kudiyattam and Mohiniyattam. She performs and lectures actively in many prestigious venues and festivals both as a soloist and also with her repertory.


8:30 pm


'Surojit o Bondhura' (the king of fusion) will be with us on Saturday night to rock the house!

You don't want to miss this opportunity

Surojit Chatterjee and Band (aka. Surojit O Bondhura), a highly talented group of celebrated Bengali folk musicians including vocal and instrumental, is headed by the versatile musical personality of Bengal, Mr. Surojit Chatterjee. Mr. Chatterjee is a singer, lyricist, composer, music arranger and music director whose repertoire includes a wide range of musical instruments including Tabla, Khamak, Dotara, Guitar, Flute, mandolin, banjo, and several percussion instruments. 


In July 2006 Mr. Chatterjee performed at the United Nations headquarters in New York City with his band Bhoomi. Mr. Chatterjee has performed Bengali music in The International Jazz Festival in Montreal in the year 2008 and won the prestigious 'Radio Mirchi Music Award' as the Best Male vocalist consecutively in the 2012 and 2013. Also, his album titled 'Folkira' (Times Music) has won the Best Album of the year 2013. Mr. Chatterjee has directed music for several Bengali movies including 'Ichhe', 'Muktodhara', 'Handa and Bhonda', 'Holud Pakhir Dana', 'Sesh Prohor', 'Gogoler Kirti', 'Pati Parameshwar', 'Prime Time' to name a few. Also, Mr. Chatterjee has directed music for a few upcoming Bengali movies including 'Buddhu Bhutum', 'Kushumitar Golpo', 'Nakshikathar Maath' and 'Durgapuri' to be released this year. A song named 'Bhromor', sung by Mr. Chatterjee in the award-winning Bengali movie, Praktan, has received a lot of appreciation in the Bengali musical community. 


'Surojit O Bondhura' has successfully released six musical albums over the last five years and the folk band has traveled and performed all over India and abroad including in the USA, UK, Middle East and Africa.

In During Durga Puja celebration 'Surojit O Bondhura' will be performing Bengali songs, ranging from traditional, folk to modern songs together with a group of classically trained Indian instrumental musicians, Mr. Gopen De Sarkar (Drums, and Percussions/Dholak/Tabla) , Mr. Joyjit Saha (Guitar, Vocal), Mr. Mainak Sengupta (Bass Guitar, Ghungur, Mandira, Dubki), Mr. Anindya Bose (Vocal), Mr. Rajib Mishra (Guitar/Vocal), Mr. Rahul Sarkar (Keyboard)  and Mr. Somenath Motilal (Harmonium, Keyboard)  who have been performing together on stage as well as in recordings for the past several years.

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